About K-Clean 360

Self-Activating Photocatalytic (NPC 360s) Mask

K-Clean 360 Mask is a self-activating photocatalytic 
solution-coated filter (NPC360s) mask. 
Unlike existing masks that rely on filters to capture 
only up to 95% of airborne particles, K-Clean 360 Mask actively sterilizes up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

K-Clean360 Mask, Is It Safe?

The self-activating photocatalytic technology 
used in the K-Clean360 Mask is certified by the FDA.

Photocatalytic sterilization is a safer alternative to 
chemical sterilization.
Photocatalytic sterilization is a process  where harmful 
substances, such as odor elements and viruses, are 
oxidized into harmless water vapor and CO2.

Better Breathability and Comfort

Unlike existing filter-based masks,
K-Clean360 Mask allows comfortable breathing.

The photocatalytic coating sterilizes 
and completely disintegrates viruses and bacteria, 
letting you breathe fresher air.
Certified as Effective and Safe


# Virus Sterilization
# Bacteria Sterilization
# Odor Elimination
# Particulate Matter Removal

Safety Certified 

# Certified by the FDA
# Non-Toxic
# Non-Irritating to Skin
# Permanently Coated
Made for Anyone and Everyone

Made in Korea

K-Clean360 Mask is for people of all ages 
and genders, regardless of time and place. 
It is dedicated to protecting and giving 
you a life free from the threat of germs and viruses.

CEO : SC Park 

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Seoul, 07631, Korea

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E-mail : kclean@k-clean360.com

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