Non-Photocatalysis The ultimate environmental technology,
effective under any circumstances

About NPC360s

NPC360s is a sterilizing filter coated with

a 3rd generation self-activating photocatalytic 

liquid. It overcomes the current limitations 

of titanium dioxide (TiO2), the most commonly used photocatalyst.


Existing masks that rely on higher thread 

counts and static electricity to capture airborne particles fail to do so when the mask’s electro-charged layer decays overtime and/or is 

exposed to humid or other undesirable conditions.

Furthermore, these masks often trap in

 the bacteria from the wearer’s mouth and skin. 

The build-up of bacteria results in discomfort for 

the wearer, such as unpleasant odor 

and skin conditions.


The 3rd generation self-activating 

photocatalytic liquid used in the 

NPC 360s filter has been developed

 since the early 2000s. It is the ultimate environmental technology, 

effective under any circumstances.

A world safe from threats of viruses and

 bacteria is now possible with this green innovation.

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