Functions of the Self-Activating Photocatalytic Filter


K-Clean360 Mask prevents viral infection.
It helps to prevent diseases 

such as influenza, avian influenza, 
novel influenza, and coronavirus

K-Clean360 Mask helps to eliminate
pathogenic bacteria that cause conditions 
such as pneumonia, rhinitis,
and skin infections by producing toxins 
and infiltrating tissues.

Air Purification

K-Clean360 Mask allows wearers to 
breathe fresh air by
eliminating various odorous compounds, 
the main cause 
of air pollution.

Particulate Matter Filtration

K-Clean360 Mask oxidizes and removes 
various deadly air pollutants 
such as fine particulate matter 
composed of nitrate and sulfate. 
It also has antifouling effects, allowing 
the surface to remain hygienic and clean.

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