When exposed to light, photocatalysts undergo 
an oxidation process, during which they produce powerful
superoxide radicals. These superoxide radicals break up
hazardous organic compounds into harmless elements. 

The most widely used photocatalyst is titanium dioxide (TiO2). 
TiO2 is certified by the FDA as safe and used in 
a variety of everyday products, such as sunscreen, 
toothpaste, cosmetics, and food additives.

3rd Generaion Non-Photocatalysis

The first two generations of photocatalytic technology 
had limitations of losing its photocatalytic 

abilities in the absence of light. The NPC 360s of 
Claro MD was developed with the 3rd generation 
of self-activating photocatalytic technology, which 
overcomes these limitations and produces catalytic effects 
even in the absence of light. The NPC 360s can 
therefore dissolve and remove viruses, germs, 
and hazardous substances under any circumstances.

3rd Generation Non-Photocatalysis

The first two generations of photocatalytic

technology had limitations of losing its photocatalytic abilities in the absence of light. 

The NPC 360s of Claro MD was developed with 

the 3rd generation of self-activating photocatalytic technology, which overcomes these limitations 

and produces catalytic effects even in the

 absence of light. The NPC 360s can therefore dissolve and remove viruses, germs, and hazardous substances under any circumstances.

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