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Patent 1.

Self-activating photocatalytic solution
and its manufacturing method

Patent Number: 10-1531864
Application Number: 10-2014-0092059
Filing Date  : July, 21, 2014
Registration Date: June, 22, 2015
Organization : Korean Intellectual Property Office

Description :

This invention relates to a photoless catalyst, including a) titanium dioxide; b) transition metals; c) lower alcohol having 1-4 carbon numbers; and d) deionized water, and a manufacturing method thereof wherein the photoless catalyst has a catalyst activity under photoless conditions and accordingly removes an organic compound in an efficient manner while promoting plant growth and having good capacities like deodorization capacity, antibiosis properties, antifungal properties, contamination resistance and color fastness to washing, thereby being continuously used and widely used in various fields like houses, home appliances, daily supplies, vehicles, roads, medical and agricultural fields and for treating air, water and sea water and leading to commercialization.

Mask for blocking harmful materials 
and its manufacturing method

Patent Number : 10-2080005
Application Number : 10-2018-0085266
Filing Date  : July, 23, 2018
Registration Date: February, 02, 2020
Organization : Korean Intellectual Property Office

Description :

This invention relates to a hazardous substance blocking mask capable of performing deodorization, blocking dust, fine dust, and ultra-fine dust in the air, removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and sulfur oxides (SOx), removing odorous substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and TMA, and having antibacterial and antiviral functions by coating an existing nonwoven fabric where the fine dust blocking ability is suddenly reduced when moisture is generated due to the breathing during use with a TIO_2 matte catalyst; and a manufacturing method thereof. The TIO_2 matte catalyst is coated on a mask sheet made of at least one of a polyester nonwoven fabric and a polyethylene nonwoven fabric.

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